How to Become a Real Estate Appraiser in Washington


The Washington State Department of Licensing does not provide an official Trainee Classification. So, to become a real estate appraiser in Washington, you'll have to obtain the required education and experience and then apply as a State-licensed Real Estate Appraiser.


Real estate appraisers inspect and take measurements of real property (land, homes, apartments, office buildings, etc.) in order to arrive at an accurate value of the property.

In any real estate transaction that needs a loan, a real estate appraisal will be required by the bank or lender. This includes purchase as well as refinancing transactions.

Consequently, there are many career opportunities for real estate appraisers in active real estate markets.

Real estate appraisers can be self-employed and work for themselves or they can work for mortgage firms, banks, lenders and government agencies.


Here's what you need to know to become a real estate appraiser in Washington:

1) Real Estate Appraiser Licensing Requirements in Washington

2) Real Estate Appraiser Job Duties

3) Income Potential

4) Washington Real Estate Appraisal Schools


How to Become a Real Estate Appraiser in Washington

1) Real Estate Appraiser Licensing Requirements in Washington

In Washington, real estate appraisers MUST be licensed by the Washington Department of Licensing

After receiving 2000 hours of appraisal experience and completing 90 hours of approved education,  you may apply to become a State Licensed Real Estate Appraiser.

You will have to obtain approval to take the state exam and pass it before the license will be issued.

There is a $246 fee.


The levels of real estate appraiser licensing in Washington:


 License Levels Education Requirements Experience Requirements Exam Scope of Practice

Real Estate Appraiser

A minimum of 90 hours of required appraisal  education , including 15 hours on USPAP. Minimum 2,000 hours of acceptable appraisal experience over at least 2 years. Must pass the AQB approved residential examination. May appraise non-complex 1-to-4 unit residential property up to a transaction value of $1 million, and commercial properties up to $250,000.
State-Certified Real Estate Appraiser A minimum of 120 hours of approved appraisal  education, with at least 15 hours on USPAP. Minimum 2,500 hours of acceptable appraisal experience over at least 2 years. Must pass the AQB approved certified residential examination. May appraise all 1-to-4 unit residential property.
State-Certified General Real Estate Appraiser A minimum of 180 hours of approved appraisal  education  and 15 hours on USPAP. Minimum 3,000 hours of acceptable appraisal experience, over at least 2.5  years. Must pass the AQB approved certified general examination. May appraise all types of real estate.


NOTE: Education, Experience, Testing, and Continuing Education are subject to change based upon criteria established by the Appraiser Qualifications Board (AQB) of The Appraisal Foundation



2) Duties of Real Estate Appraisers

A real estate appraiser's job is to estimate the value of real property. Real property consists of land, buildings, and even natural resources such as water, oil, or minerals.

The estimate of value is known as an appraisal. A real estate appraisal is made when real property is bought, sold, assessed, taxed, condemned, insured, or mortgaged.

A real estate appraiser's job duties also include:



3) Income Potential in Washington

According to the Washington State Employment Security Department, the 2003 median salary of Real Estate Appraisers in Washington was approximately $48,700/year.

Salaries ranged from under $32,000/year to over $80,000/year.


4) Real Estate Appraisal Schools in Washington

If you are interested in becoming a real estate appraiser in Washington, you will need to take classes that are approved by the Washington State Department of Licensing.

Please call the Board at (360) 664-6504  prior to signing up for classes.

Name of Provider

Real Estate Appraisal Schools for Washington


Acheson Appraisal Classes
(714) 935-1161

Adriatic Inc.
(253) 884-5082

Allied Business Schools, Inc.

American College Of Appraisal
(503) 968-9737

American Home Appraisals
(206) 236-3037

American Society Of Appraisers
(703) 478-2228

Appraiser's Coalition Of Washington (ACOW)
(206) 622-8425

Appraisal Institute
(312) 335-4217

Appraisal Institute (Columbia Basin)
(509) 527-3556

Appraisal Institute (Inland NW)
(509) 489-2208

Appraisal Institute (Oregon)
(503) 316-1979

Appraisal Institute (Seattle Chapter)
(206) 622-8425

Appraisal Institute (Southern Idaho)
(208) 345-1175

Appraisal Institute (W Puget Sound)
(360) 377-0123

(303) 758-3513

Association Management Alliance Inc.
(303) 758-3513 Ext 22

Beckman Company
(206) 271-2402

Bob Keith Appraisal Seminars
(503) 949-7727

Building Industry Assn of WA
(360) 352-7800

Career WebSchool (formerly Computaught, Inc.)
(770) 218-9000

Dearborn Financial Publishing
(312) 836-4400

Dynasty School

First American Real Estate Solutions
(formerly Transamerica Intellitech)
(360) 458-9789

Future Value LLC
(303) 758-3513 x22

Homefocus Valuation Services
(704) 387-3954

(312) 819-6133

Institute For Real Estate and Appraisal Studies (formerly Chicopee Group)

IRWA (International Right of Way Assn)
(310) 538-0233

(407) 774-3344

Kitsap Conservation District
(360) 337-7171

Law Seminars International
(formerly CLE)

Lincoln Graduate Center

Mckissock Data Systems
(800) 328-2008

Mykut R E School/Appraisal School Of WA
1-800-605-6645 / (425) 775-6645

(314) 781-6688

(888) 549-6531

Northwest Property Consultants
(206) 383-6978

Northwest Property Tax Conference
(503) 244-4294

Northwest Territories Appraisal Education
(208) 664-2939

PGP Seminars
(503) 226-0983

PGP Valuation Inc.
(206) 343-7477

Pohll & Associates
(541) 342-7752

Real Estate Communication Resource
(303) 758-3513x22

Real Estate School Of Washington/Oregon
Fife WA (253) 926-0921
Portland OR (503) 297-1344/1-800-452-4879
Spokane WA (509) 325-2587/1-800-272-8802
Vancouver WA (360) 693-9123/1-800-863-2114

Real Estate Qualification Inspectors Inc.
(877) 922-8727

Rockwell Institute
(206) 747-7272

School Of Real Estate Appraisers
(509) 924-3885

Spokane Association Of Realtors
(509) 326-9222

Spokane/Kootenai R E Research Committee
(509) 747-0999

Still Training, Inc.

The Academy
(253) 284-9300

The Appraisal Academy
(309) 681-8100

The Seminar Group
(206) 463-4400

US Dept of HUD, Santa Ana Homeownership Center

Van Education Center

Washington Association Of Realtors
(360) 943-3100

Washington Mortgage Lenders
(360) 943-9205

Washington MUTUAL
(206) 461-4722

Washington Real Estate Academy
(206) 366-6762

Washington State Bar Association
(206) 727-8202

William King & Associates
(253) 925-5017

World Savings
(210) 543-4256

WSU Extension
(360) 679-7391 (Island County)
(360) 379-5610 (Jefferson County)
(360) 786-5445 EXT. 7911 (Lacey)
(360) 379-5610 EXT. 204 (Port Hadlock)

WSU Learning Center
(360) 416-7605



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